International Debt Analysis

Brief guided project from DataCamp. The objective is to start putting into practice what I have learned in the SQL courses.

Technique: Importing & Cleaning Data, Data Exploration, Data Aggregation, Probability & Statistics, Data Vizualization.

Tools: SQL, Tableau.

September 12, 2021


  1. What is the total amount of debt that is owed by the countries listed in the dataset?
  2. Which country owns the maximum amount of debt and what does that amount look like?
  3. What is the average amount of debt owed by countries across different debt indicators?

The data-driven answer(s)

  1. The total amount of debt owed by the countries listed is USD 3.079.734.490.000.
  2. China, with USD 285.793.494.734
  3. DT.AMT.DLXF.CD, with an average of USD 516.11.94.333

Biggest challenges

Since this was a basic and guided case for getting familiar with SQL, I had no major challenges in this case.

However, this guided case helped me to know how to design my portfolio.

Highlighted code

    debt = (SELECT 
             FROM international_debt
             WHERE indicator_code = 'DT.AMT.DLXF.CD');

Data Viz