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Data Analyst
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Pablo Nanjari

Data Analyst

Hello, I am Pablo. My flexibility, affinity for technology and experience working and studying in the Netherlands, convinced me to give a little twist to my career and become a Data Analyst. SoftwareONE has given me this opportunity to start not only as a Data Analyst but also to work in the industry that I am most passionate about: IT. For this I am very grateful, which makes me want to continue learning even more and accompany SoftwareONE in the growth process to reach the next level.


12.2021 - Currently | SoftwareONE

SLM Associate Consultant

Oracle EBS SLM Technical Analysis

05.2021 - 08-2021 | Qseals

Growth Hacker

Implementing Office365 and ClickUp. 
Creating landing pages and GoogleAds based on data from Google analytics.

03.2020 - 04.2021 | CMC

Innovation Officer

Leading the creation of several websites with high quality SEO-focus content which significantly increased the leads per month. Took data driven strategic decisions based on Google Analytics. Reached number one on google search engine for relevant keywords in a very competitive market. Took strategic decisions together with the operations team.

06.2014 - 12.2014 | SONDA

Marketing Intern

Conducting research on what services to advertise and in which media. Taking data driven decisions with Google Analytics.


Native Spanish

Fluent English

Elementary Dutch


02.2018 - 08-2019 | University of Twente

MSc in Business Administration

  • Specialization: Strategic Marketing and Digital Business.
  • Conducting research to give feedback on a museum’s website, using facial recognition and eye tracking.
  • Contributing to the scarce literature on gamified surveys (thesis). 
  • Writing a literature review based on data mining scientific articles using R.
  • Improving statistical knowledge and skills
02.2018 - 08-2019 | Universidad del Desarrollo

BSc in Business Administration

Obtaining all the necessary knowledge in statistics, finance, economy, marketing, HR and accounting, to enter the workplace.


Google Analytics 85%
Microsoft Excel 80%
SQL 35%
R 30%
HTML 30%
Tableau 25%
Python 15%


Swiss & Chilean


SQL & Tableau

Top crypto currencies analysis

In this project, we will dive into cryptocurrency data and transform this data into knowledge and data-driven answers.

SQL & Tableau

International Debt Analysis

Brief guided project from DataCamp. The objective is to start putting into practice what I have learned in the SQL courses.


My curiosity for data analytics started several years ago with my bachelor’s degree and my internship at SONDA IT. Later, my master’s degree at the University of Twente was heavily focused on data analytics, where I learnt the theory and very useful tools like SPSS, R and advanced Excel. Finally, in my experience working in the Netherlands, I discovered the real potential of data and how most business decisions should be data driven, not gut driven. Plus, I really want to become proficient in SQL, R and Python.

After finishing my Master’s degree, I decided to give Chile (my country of origin) a chance to start my professional career. Unfortunately, a little after returning to Chile there was a strong social outbreak in which Chileans fought for a more fair country. This came hand in hand with many protests and strikes, which increase uncertainty levels and decrease open vacancies.

When things were beginning to stabilize, the pandemic began. It was there when, together with my Dutch girlfriend, we decided to return to the Netherlands and build our future here. 

Upon returning to the Netherlands, many job offers were also being postponed due to the pandemic. It was then, when my former boss gave me the great opportunity to become the Innovation Officer at CMC. Despite not being a Data Analyst position, I will always be extremely grateful for this opportunity as it helped me not only to grow a lot personally, it was also an important first step to my professional life.

What I like the most is that when I’m exploring the data I feel like a detective solving a case.

At this time, only the basics. I must admit that it is very difficult to learn it being Spanish my native language. However, I am going to learn it since it is a very important step in my integration in the country that has given me so many opportunities.

Since I studied the basic during my master and after I got the Data Analyst certification from Google (which teaches R), my programming language of choice is R.

But I do believe in cross-language collaboration, so my goal is to learn Python as well. The one I will master will depend of the needs of my future employer.


Favourite tools

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